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About Us

Welcome to Dollar Review Club, one of the largest Amazon discount product websites around the world! We know how eager Amazon reviewers are willing to write decent product reviews to help others make the right decisions, and we believe that offering great products in exchange for these efforts will be a big encouragement to do so. Because of this reason, Dollar Review Club was created to serve as a platform for Amazon reviewers and sellers to connect. For Amazon customers they can have a fantastic shopping experience and leave reviews of products, whereas Amazon sellers would get vital opinions from their reviewers to continue improving their products.

We’re super excited to bring more and more users together to join this awesome platform, improving the quantity and quality of the connections between Amazon customers, Amazon sellers and us. Whether you’re a shopper or seller, our goal is for these reviews to help shoppers make better decisions and also help sellers understand their customers, to provide a better experience for all of us!

Feel free to invite your friends and family to try out Dollar Review Club and let us together improve our online shopping experience in ways we never had before! If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout.

The Dollar Review Club Team