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1. As a product reviewer, what should I do to get great discount products?

First, sign up as a customer to become a Dollar Review Club member. Then you can check any product(s) that you like. Once you agree with several conditions from Dollar Review Club and the seller, you will receive a promo code. Use this code to purchase the product on Amazon. As soon as the product arrives, please try it. We won't ask you for reviewing it on Amazon but you have to submit your social sharing url instead.

2. As a product owner, what should I do to receive decent reviews?

First, sign up as a company to become a Dollar Review Club member. Once you complete this you can link to My Product Review Status and click “+ Launch New Product” to begin uploading your product details. Several options can be selected so be sure that you choose accordingly. Click “Launch” and then back to My Product Review Status to see the status of your launching product. Go ahead and launch another product, and then some.

3. As a product reviewer/owner, what is the progress that to claim promo codes/provide codes to reviewers?

When product owner upload details in Launch New Product page, he/she can choose 3 codes access conditions to those reviewers who feel interested and request for promo codes:
a. None: Anyone can access your discount code. It means every reviewers can get the promo codes directly without checking by system or product owner.
b. Auto-Approval: Automatically approve customers with ___ or more reviews. It means only those reviewers whose checked reviews on Dollar Review Club are over a specific number (defined by seller) can access the codes. Any reviewers whose number of checked reviews are not enough will not be able to access the promo codes. 
c. Manual Approval: You decide who receives your discount code. It means reviewers send requests to product owner, and owner will one-by-one decide to approve/disapprove their requests based on several criteria (reviewers ranking on Amazon, helpful votes on Amazon, checked reviews on Dollar Review Club...).

4. I’m a product reviewer/owner, is Dollar Review Club free?

Dollar Review Club is entirely FREE! We welcome your feedback in helping improving Dollar Review Club!

5. Will this obey Amazon Policies and Agreements? (2016/10/03 Updated)

No. Based on the latest Amazon Community Guidelines, we will not ask reviewers to provides reviews on Amazon after claiming the product. However, reviewers still need to provide one of the social platform sharing url of their review on Dollar Review Club.

6. As a product reviewer/owner, is there anything else that I should pay attention to?

To maintain this great experience for all of you, we would like you to be aware of the following guidelines:

For product reviewer -
a.  When signing up, please provide a valid email address and your Amazon Profile Link.We need to verify your Amazon profile that your reviews are being done.
b.  Be sure to visit My Review Status to see any of your received promo codes and reviews.
c.  You can choose to review the discount products or not after giving the product a trial on Amazon. 

For product owner -
a.  When signing up, you represent your respective company and are responsible for your products in Dollar Review Club.
b.  Provide as much of your product details in Launch New Product page as you can.
c.  Check your My Product Review Status to manage your products.

7. There are several parts (for example when Sign up as Customer - Choose your favourite product categories) which drop down menu appears nothing there ... how?

It looks like you disable Javascript for your browser. As a result, it will not work properly in Dollar Review Club. Please find below link of guides to enable Javascript in different browsers.


8. How many Amazon marketplaces can be seen on Dollar Review Club?

So far Dollar Review Club only supports Amazon.com (United States) marketplace. In the near future we hope to support other Amazon marketplaces, providing more product reviewers and owners around the world our service and love!